Revenue Management is key

Effective billing requires more than claim submittal. It requires focus on the entire revenue cycle. If working effectively, each piece of the revenue cycle will ensure maximum reimbursement on every claim submitted.

  • Bad Debt Collection Services

  • Brick Mountain provides a full service collection agency. Our management team has over 80 years of combined experience in the medical billing and collection industry and will ensure that your portfolio will receive the attention necessary to maximize recoveries, while providing you the level of service required to sustain a long-term partnership.

  • Committed to serving your needs, we achieve maximum recovery rates while maintaining positive and professional relationships with debtors and client staff. We recognize that each client is unique and we base our processes on client requirements. Our staff is trained to resolve accounts quickly with limited involvement from our clients. We can effectively and efficiently handle accounts of any size and in every stage of delinquency.

  • Brick Mountain provides the following collection services at no cost to our contingency fee clients:
    • Direct Telephone Contacts
    • Voice Recording Technology
    • Unattended Messaging
    • Address Verification/Updates
    • Technologically-Advanced Skip Tracing
    • Customized, Laser-Printed Letters
    • Credit Bureau Reporting
    • Unlimited Reporting Capabilities
  • There are no hidden costs. No Collection, No Charge! Contact us at for more information about our Collection services!
  • Top 5 reasons to choose BMB

  • Want to find out more about what we can do for your company?
    • Improve Cash Flow
    • Reduce Administrative and clerical costs
    • Achieve higher office and staff efficiency
    • Allows your staff to focus on core competency: patient care
    • Reduces space, staff, and paper clutter in office

Our Services

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Problem Solving

We watch for correct coding to ensure you remain in accordance with CMS laws, rules, and state regulations. Read More →

Monthly Reporting

Brick Mountain provides all clients with Monthly Practice Management summary reports
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Implementation Timeline

Improving your cash flow is top priority.  Our implementation process is easy and quick.
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Revenue Management

Improving your cash flow is top priority.  Our implementation process is easy and quick.
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